Coping with a CDRM Dog

If you have a dog with Chronic Degenerative Reticulo Myelopathy then here are some really useful tips to help you, courtesy of Mike and Angela with Shane

Whilst the condition cannot be cured, it’s amazing what a little TLC can do – improving the life and reducing the anxiety of a confused pet who desperately wants to be loved and to still be a valued family or pack member. So it’s down on your knees to their level!!!

Firstly seek advice from the Vet, especially for Physio and Hydro-Therapy.


Next there are a number of web sites with great advice:-


GSDL of GB (German Shepard Dog League) has an advice page at:-

This had a lot of advice but some of the links are outdated, or non-existent.


Jim Colla’s website:-

has a large amount of resources and links which we’ve found most helpful.

Please don’t be put off by the fact that Jim sells carts; he and his mates seem to be totally motivated by helping dogs and not making money.

His articles about his experiences are most rewarding to read.


Some helpful hints we’ve come across;

Put rugs on slippery floors, especially rubber backed ones

Dog Boots are essential to protect paws

Baby gates can be useful to confine the pet to a room or away from stairs

Ramps are great for getting in and out of the car

A mobility cart is essential to give the dog freedom and fun

A sturdy harness to help support the dog

Raise the water and food bowls; keep water near the pet and don’t overfeed

Well cushioned bed which is easy to get onto

Be prepared for accidents – the confused pooch will need TLC

Make sure they don’t lay in the same position for long periods

Try to make sure the dog can see or hear you

Be careful when out as the dog knows it’s totally reliant on you to get home

Keep out of draughts & cold spots beneath windows & patio doors

Keep the dog warm, if necessary with a towel, blanket or duvet

Mike and Angela

If you have some of your own tips then please let us know about them below