About Us

Prince and Sabre before the onset of CDRMMy name is Jim Colla, and I first came into contact with wheelchairs for dogs in 1997 when my two German Shepherds, Prince and Sabre, father and son, came down with a disease called CDRM (known as DM in the US). This terrible disease is similar to MS in humans, and causes a gradual, creeping paralysis of the dogs rear legs.

I wrote an article for Dogs Today magazine, published in April 2000, that can be read here. By the time I wrote it I had become completely disillusioned with the Dogmobile and sought something better.

I have a gained a wealth of experience and ownership of all the various makes of wheelchairs for dogs, Dogmobile, Eddies Wheels, Doggon Wheels and K9. The latter two now being badly copied by Best Friend Mobility and mass produced in China. I have sent wheels all over the world and very rarely had a failure.

For some years, I represented Eddies Wheels of the USA in Europe, and matched hundreds of dogs to carts, with 98% plus success rates. Gradually the cost of buying, shipping and importing these carts to Europe increased to the point where I decided to leave them. A set for a Dalmatian in London costing in excess of £650. I decided to manufacture the wheelchairs for dogs in the UK with modifications.

While Eddies Wheels were good I found a few problems. When stainless steel is introduced into aluminium blocks it immediately begins to corrode. Within a short time the screws cannot be loosened. The same is true of the wheel bolts. A simple collapsed wheel bearing meant the entire axle had to be replaced requiring a 10 to 14 day wait without wheels for the dog. The exposed yoke locating spring pins could and have torn into my fingers on many an occasion. The Denim stirrups have chafed some dogs. Tyres have punctured mid walk.

Our connecting blocks are made from Delrin a 21st Century engineering plastic used in many applications by the armed forces. It repels liquid and is exceptionally tough so screws and bolts cannot corrode. Spring pins are fitted inside nylon stops. Stirrups are double lined neoprene. All our wheelchairs are braced. Tyres are solid. Our wheels cost us many times more than other wheelchair manufactures because we buy the best. Stirrup kits come as standard not as extras.

Measuring for a wheelchair

As our wheelchairs are bespoke, custom made for the perfect fit. We require 5 measurements from the dog. We do appreciate that measuring a dog is mostly a once in a lifetime event and not easy.

white boxerGet it wrong as a couple in York did, when the boyfriend measured their white boxer while drunk and the result is an ill fitting disaster. We will always work with the client to put it right. Our aim is to get the dog mobile not rip the buyer off for every error. They decided, with drunken logic, that I should travel at my own expense to York and back, about 500 miles, free of charge to rectify their mistakes. I declined.

GSD Conversely, a lady in Alicante Spain was more reasonable. While she thought the cart was great I immediately saw otherwise. Her dog, Macoh was squeezed into the frame like a cork in a bottle. I told her and she worked with us taking photographs and new measurements where directed and we paid to fly a new frame out free of charge for him. We have repeated this gesture several times. Our primary concern is for the dog.

From receiving the dog’s measurements we can have the rear support wheelchair made within 2 to 4 days depending on work load and public holidays. Our feedback is excellent. We have made front wheel and quad carts, but they do take somewhat longer to make. We can counterbalance all rear wheel carts.